Friday, July 22, 2011

Homosexuality, straight guys, and fat chicks.

Now, I'm not one to care if someone's gay or not. (2 gay roommates) But I do have a few things I'd like to argue about. Now, how can someone have a physical attraction to a male. I can sit here and off the top of my head come up with a laundry list of disgust about a "hot" male body. You can't say shit about a woman. they're soft, and pretty, and they smell nice etc. Where men are hairy and sweaty and tend to smell not so nice. But whatever. it's 2011. Shit's a bit different. there is no gay, straight, bi. It's all individual people and your attractions towards them. Please though. If you are gay. just keep it outta my face. I don't care if you suck on a different ball-sack every night. If you're gonna wear rainbow everything and jump around like a wood nymph frolicking in the forest with a singing group of small, woodland animals, I'm gonna hit you in the teeth. The only people making a big deal about homosexuality are these flamer fucks. you're the ones who are just doing it for attention. No? then why draw all the unnecessary attention towards you? leave it be. go live your life. go play the field... of dicks... just please, calm yourself. And straight guys; don't be afraid of a gay because you think he's "gonna be trying to touch my Johnson and stuff" sorry to rain on your parade, but not every gay guy wants to fuck, or get fucked by you. That's like a fat girl saying shes scared of getting raped in the middle of the day. just ain't gonna happen. Not everyone wants you. get over yourselves. Fat chicks; stop dressing like a whore and making suggestive comments. It makes us very uncomfortable and we feel like we have to flirt back and it disgusts us. Why can't you just get us blackout drunk and rape us. as long as we don't catch anything it's always good to have a "fat bitch raped me while I was blackout drunk" story to pull out every once in a while.

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