Saturday, July 16, 2011

Needs VS Wants

So, I have a roommate. She claims to be "borderline" epileptic and that the phosphoric acid in Dr. Pepper helps with seizures. This, in my mind, is shenanigans. She simply likes Dr. Pepper. She claims this beverage as a need when in actuality it is a want. These people today "need" so much. Kinda makes you think on how we ever survived as a species before things like Dr. Pepper, PS3, and the 3 course meal. Oh, that's right. the weak died and the strong went on to reproduce. Unfortunately, those who were strong are also soft. They let their kids bomb around in their cars, give them anything they WANT and have turned things like "Mom and Dad" into the new ATM. Tell me parents, how do you expect your children to learn the value of a dollar if you hand twenty of them over every time they say so. Not even a please, and if there is it has to be goaded out. You think you've won because you got them to use manners for a split second. STOP. They're playing you. hard. They should be saying please EVERY TIME they ask for anything. Thank you or thank you anyway whenever they do or don't receive said things. You're turning them into *numerous insults I don't feel like typing.* They're getting older now, and accustomed to being handed everything. They say they NEED some McDonald's, NEED that Monster, NEED the new clothes, etc. NO. You need food, you want McDonald's, You can buy a loaf of bread for 2.50 and feed yourself for a couple days. You need hydration and energy, you want Monster, Go for a run, lose a pound, and drink some water. You'll feel much better than after you chug that concentrated Chuck Norris urine. You need clothing, you want to go buy shirts at 25$ each at Hollister. Well, if you can work your way past the solid wall of cologne in front of the store, you'll see that most of these shirts have one thing on them. "Hollister Co." which means you are now a walking advertisement for this company. Last time I checked, you didn't pay to advertise someone else's product. Hollister is the biggest scam I've ever seen. They don't have to pay for commercials cause the thirty 16 year old girls that are in that store at any given time are putting it all over their asses and breasts. (unfortunately, they tend to get looked at much more than a television anyway.) You NEED a shirt bro. get a 6 pack of white t's from Walmart for 5$ and call it a day.


  1. people are stupid. what can you do?

  2. Its depressing how much the world has changed in the last 30 years.

  3. It's because we have become a society that relies on looks to judge people and its really bringing us down as a species.